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The Times ****

Metro ****

The Guardian ****

The Observer ****

Chicago Sun Times ****

95% Average Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes

'A trove of archival footage bolsters the special, and for that alone it's worth watching.'

Hollywood Reporter

'The product is as well-produced as any one of her albums, a carefully manicured look at a pop icon who is saving the real soul-searching for somewhere off-camera.'

Rolling Stone

 ' Recorded over five years, it’s a compelling watch.'

The Guardian

 'This new four part documentary Janet is a revelation.'

Sydney Morning Herald

'Lifetime's "Janet Jackson" is a choreographed dance partnering thunder and calm, appropriate to its subject and her life.'



Nominated Royal Television Awards

History Catergory


The Times Critic's Choice

Financial Times Pick of the Week

The Guardian Pick of the Day

The Radio Times Pick of the Day

The Observer Pick of the Day

The Sunday Times Pick of the Week

The Sun Top TV Pick

Total TV 'Don't Miss'

Financial Times *****

The Evening Standard ****

The Daily Mail ****

Weekend ****

Heat ****

“After more than 60 years of news features, books and TV documentaries you might imagine there could be nothing new to learn about the case. But this trenchant investigation by American film-maker Gillian Pachter uncovered enough new material to make us rethink the entire story.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

"It’s difficult to turn “digging around in the files” into thrilling TV — all that riffling through manila folders and looking studious under lamps — but the American presenter and film-maker Gillian Pachter’s hushed seriousness was compelling as she tried to trace those brief moments when Ellis’s life could have been saved."

Victoria Segal, The Sunday Times

“If you found yourself facing the noose, you’d want presenter/filmmaker Gillian Pachter on your side, sifting through court transcripts and witness statements, endlessly following leads on what might seem like a cold, dead trail.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

"This is an absorbing and revealing account of the background to Ellis’s shooting of boyfriend David Blakely, unearthing documents and information ignored at the time. We also see how class prejudice toward Ellis, a model and nightclub host, was a significant part of her undoing."

David Stubbs, The Guardian





Radio One ****

The Mirror ****

Metro ****

Glamour Magazine ****

Heat ****

"There’s a lot here that’s fresh and promising, more so than dozens of 

other similarly budgeted Brit-coms." 

Tim Robey, Telegraph

"Big-hearted British comedy. Think of it as suburbia’s answer to Bridget Jones’s Diary, which is high praise indeed.  If you’ve ever made a prat of yourself on the 

dating scene, this is for you." 

 Dave Edwards, The Mirror

"Well observed and funny.  Plenty of laughs." 


"One of the most deceptively important British movies for a long time."  


"Witty workplace comedy. Low budget but bursting with talent."

  Anna Smith, Metro

"Such a relatable film for so many people right now."  

Radio One 

"There’s a sweet vulnerable innocence about Georgia Maguire, and the same

could be said of the film itself."

Sight and Sound

"Combines Towie rambunctiousness with a filter of gentle eccentricity."

Wendy Ide, the Times


"Justin Hardy’s beautifully shot film is a sweet and well-paced character study"


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