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About Damian

Currently cutting 'The Great Rhino Robbery', 

a major 3 part drama doc for the BBC and Sky.

Damian is an experienced freelance editor with both technical expertise and creative talent. He has over 20 years editing experience cutting both features as well as documentaries for clients including the BBC, ITV, Netflix, Sky, Disney +, The History Channel, National Geographic and Discovery to name but a few.


Damian excels in handling large and complicated edits, managing often tricky and complex stories whilst always being able to find a clear and engaging narrative. He is excellent at being able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines. He has extremely high standards and is always looking to produce the absolute best film possible. In 2019 he cut The Ruth Ellis Files for the BBC which was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for Best History Documentary and more recently 2 episodes of the Janet Jackson Biopic Documentary and 2 episodes of Colosseum, a major new drama doc for History.


He has also cut several features – Love Me Till Monday was selected for the 2013 BFI London Film Festival where is garnered excellent reviews and was released by Verve Pictures. His second film, Captain Webb was nominated for ‘Best Drama’ at the UK Independent Film Awards and was distributed by Curzon in the UK and Miramax and HBO for the rest of the world.


Passionate about storytelling and the craft and technology of film editing he is always on the look-out for new and interesting projects.

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Tel: (+44) 7791 580987

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